Water Key To Weight Reduction And Healthy Lifestyle

Keep water with you when exercising Your intentions were good when you made your resolutions. Now how do you go about getting started on that new healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and weight loss? You might want to start with your water. Why?

First, from a weight loss standpoint, water creates a feeling of fullness which helps limit food consumption by suppressing the appetite. And since water contains no fat, sugar or caffeine, it represents a healthy, low-calorie alternative to pop, coffee, juice or even milk. In addition, water is more easily absorbed by the body than most exercise drinks which contain sugar.

If you exercise regularly, water is especially important, because the body loses more fluids through urination and perspiration. Exercise also requires a higher level of energy. Without sufficient water in your body, you can become dehydrated and fatigued, which makes it difficult to perform even the simplest exercise routines.

Aside from its contribution to weight loss, water is good for you in other ways, too. Since it makes up nearly two-thirds of the human body, water is a vital part of many of the body's regular functions. If an insufficient amount of water is consumed, the body takes water from the internal organs and tissue, rather than from inside the stomach.

More specifically, water keeps the kidneys from over-concentrating particles that might otherwise crystallize and clog up the urinary tract. Water also aids in digestion and the prevention of constipation by keeping fluid in the digestive tract. It is also vital for helping flush out any toxins that result from the body breaking down proteins and bacteria.

Furthermore, water moistens the stomach which, in turn, increases its surface area, facilitating the absorption of many medications, as well as vitamins and calcium pills.

Unfortunately, though, the water we get from our tap isn't always as clean, or as tasty, as it could be. For this reason, thousands of Americans turned to bottled water over the past two decades. However, between the cost and inconvenience of buying those bottles, as well as the recent publicity questioning the exact content and purity of bottled water, many Americans now use in-home drinking water systems.

Even if water tastes, smells and looks clean that doesn't mean it is. For peace of mind against a long list of contaminants that may be in the water, many consumers choose reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water systems. RO technology is recognized by the EPA as the most effective at reducing lead and the Centers for Disease Control recognizes it as one of the most effective means for reducing cryptosporidium that may be in the water.

The RO systems manufactured by Kinetico Incorporated, as an example, provide added peace of mind, thanks to a unique five-stage protection process. Kinetico's systems are the only ones on the market that also feature the MACguard FilterŠ, which tells you when it's time to change the filter cartridges, and EverClean RinseŠ, which extends the life of the system's major components and ensures consistently high-quality water.

With better tasting water as close as your kitchen tap, it's easier to drink the recommended eight glasses of water per day. So make water an integral part of your new healthy lifestyle and start living up to those New Year's resolutions today.

To assist consumers with their water quality questions, Kinetico has established a consumer water hotline. Call 1-800-944-WATER (9283) to speak with a water expert or to request the FREE Consumer's Guide to Protecting the Water Your Family Drinks. Or visit Kinetico's Web site at http://www.Kinetico.com. for more information about water. (NAPSI)

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