Vacations, Work, Work, Work? Tips On How To Keep The R&R; In Your Vacation

Think back to your last vacation. Was it as restful as you imagine? Or didn't you even take one? If you're like most Americans, your free time is dwindling.

Americans are taking fewer vacations, according to a Hilton Hotels Corporation survey. While a majority of Americans feel they owe themselves a vacation each year (81 percent), more than a third (38 percent) haven't even taken one in the past year.

"With today's super information highway, our work is following us from the office into our homes, squeezing our free time even more," said Joanie Flynn, director of leisure and resort marketing for Hilton Hotels. "In fact, our survey showed that half of us would offer up a day's pay just to get another day off. That's how serious people are getting about their leisure time."

As leisure director for the company which has more than 40 resort properties -- more than any other hotel chain in the country -- Flynn has observed and talked to her share of vacationing families, couples and friends. Here are some tips she offers on how to get the most out of a vacation.

To make a reservation at any U.S. Hilton hotel, log-on the Internet at, or call your professional travel agent or 1-800-HILTONS. The Hilton Vacation Values survey is the seventh in a series of Hilton Hotels Corporation studies exploring travel, leisure and time. (NAPSI)

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