Female Business Travelers Take Note:

Delta Air Lines Offers Benefits And Special Information For Busy Women

Recognizing that women will account for 50 percent of all business travelers by the year 2000, Delta Air Lines and American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. are launching phase two of a unique program for female business travelers. The focus of "The Executive Woman's Travel Network" is an innovative on-line magazine, through which visitors can obtain travel tips and advice, exchange ideas, and sign up to receive special money-saving offers.

By registering on-line at http://www.delta-air.com/prog_serv/exec_womans_travel/, women can receive valuable information to make business trips easier, safer and more productive.

Through the Web site, visitors also can tap into the expertise of "The Executive Woman's Travel Network" Advisory Council, who will offer advice on a number of topics, including balancing work and family, stress management, travel fitness and more. One of the popular features of the Web site is the Travel Forum, an interactive news group where site visitors exchange insight and tips from their own travel experiences. Some of the more popular tips include:

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