Working With The Web -- a Strategic Business Tool

Woman surfing the Internet If you want to do business along the information superhighway, but aren't sure how -- your telephone and a free book can provide your answer.

A free 48-page introduction to leveraging the World Wide Web as a strategic business tool is now available to small business owners.

Called How Businesses of Any Size Can Profit from High-Speed ISDN Access to the World Wide Web, it's written by James Bryce, a nationally known writer and lecturer on computer and telephone technologies.

In clear, non-technical language, Bryce tells small business owners how to:

Bryce has also written Special Edition Using ISDN (Que Publishing, 1996), a definitive reference work. He installed the first commercial Ethernet network for IBM PCs and has consulted with organizations across the country about networking and the convergence of computer and telephone technology.

The booklet comes from the manufacturers of the WebRamp, an all-in-one Internet access device designed specifically for small businesses looking to grow larger. For a copy of the high-speed access booklet, call, toll-free, 1-888-493-2726, ext. 505. Or you can e-mail to

To learn more, call 408-988-5353; fax 408-988-6363 or see the Web site: (NAPSI)

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