Progress Against Chest Pain With a Non-Invasive Treatment

Patient undergoing EECP to relieve chest pain of angina pectoris If you or someone you know are among the nearly seven million Americans who suffer the crippling chest pain of angina pectoris -- a non-invasive treatment may help relieve your pain.

A low-risk alternative to bypass surgery and angioplasty has been developed. Called EECP® for enhanced external counterpulsation, it gently compresses blood vessels in the legs to increase blood flow to the heart, ultimately reducing or eliminating chest pain.

Usually triggered by physical exertion or emotional stress, angina occurs when the heart muscle needs more oxygen than is available from the blood supply nourishing the heart. This usually happens because narrowed or blocked arteries are restricting the flow of blood to the heart muscle.

During EECP®, patients lie on padded tables with electronically-controlled inflation and deflation valves. The valves are connected to specially designed, adjustable cuffs that are wrapped firmly but comfortably, around parts of the patient's legs. The cuffs are inflated in series on up the leg while the heart is resting and released instantly just before the heart beats. This gives the heart muscle more blood and reduces its workload.

The treatment is easier to go through for most people and costs far less than traditional, invasive methods. In addition, it is performed on an outpatient basis. The entire course of treatment generally takes four to seven weeks.

People who have received the treatment report an overall improvement in their quality of life. They usually are able to enjoy such everyday activities as walking, gardening and playing with grandchildren with little or no pain.

To obtain information on your nearest treatment center, or to have information on EECP® sent to your doctor, call Vasomedical, Inc. at 800-455-3327, ext. 779. (NAPSI)

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