New Attractions And Lodgings Add To Orlando

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Just when you thought Orlando couldn't possibly fill another hotel room, the central Florida boom city known for its hundred thousand-plus rooms has added a few hundred or so more, not to mention new restaurants, new shopping, new attractions, new shows and parades. Pity the poor traveler trying to figure out where to stay and what to see and do via information from friends who went two years ago.

That's why Fodor's, the world's largest travel information publisher, now updates its guides to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Orlando, not once a year, like most other publishers, but twice.

The guide is literally packed with insider tips on getting the best deals, on beating the crowds, and on the must-sees. It even advises what to skip.

The Fodor's experts also offer the inside scoop on all the key hostelries in the Orlando area, from price range and amenities to location, transportation and accommodations. Among the tips for choosing a hotel in Orlando:

For more tips and the inside line on all of Orlando's new attractions and lodgings, consult Fodor's Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and the Orlando Area, Spring/Summer 2000 Edition ($15), available at bookstores nationwide and online or by calling 800/533-6478. And visit for additional travel information on Orlando as well as hundreds of other travel destinations worldwide. (NAPSI)

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