"Mompreneurs" -
Moms Who Operate A Business From Their Home

More than one-third of all U.S. households include a current, aspiring, or past business owner. Included in this group is a growing number of "mompreneurs."

Mompreneurs -- nearly 10 million of them -- are women with children who for varied reasons have embraced the concept of being their own boss. They are jumping into the small business ring, some of them even setting aside the demands of a full time job so they can spend more time with their kids while setting up home-based businesses.

According to work-at-home experts Ellen H. Parlapiano and Patricia Cobe, authors of Mompreneurs, A Mother's Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Work-at-Home Success, this new breed of business owners is powerful and growing.

"Today's mompreneurs want more control of their time and more flexibility to be with their kids. Home-based businesses help many women achieve this," said Parlapiano. "By leveraging their talents as mothers and converting their skills and passions into business tools, more women than ever are creating small businesses that give them the best of both worlds."

Parlapiano and Cobe recommend the following tips for aspiring mompreneurs:

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