A Healthy PC Is A Happy PC

A man and his computer If you're like many PC users you probably haven't asked your computer how it's feeling lately. One reason for this may be that many Americans who use a computer daily wouldn't know what to do if their computer told them it wasn't feeling so chipper.

That may soon change thanks to the launch of a new channel of the ZDNet Web site. Aptly called HealthyPC.Com, this strategic alliance between Symantec Corporation and ZDNet combines ZDNet's most authoritative computing experts and comprehensive content on PCs with Symantec's world-renowned Norton Utilities, Anti-Virus software and other maintenance tools such as Live Update. The result is a site that allows Web users to easily become active participants in the lifetime maintenance of their computers.

The new site offers every conceivable PC maintenance tool-from tips and advice to a range of downloadable software utilities and fixes-in a single, one-stop computer troubleshooting and maintenance center. Future HealthyPC.Com features will include reliable data backup and services.

The Doctor Is In

The HealthyPC.Com site consists of two separate services: A free ZDNet maintained editorial area that includes expert tips, advice and consultation, and the Health Club, a subscription-based membership service which provides access to Symantec's leading Anti-Virus software, maintenance utilities and tools.

The free area enables users to consult with technical experts, discuss computing issues with other users using message boards, and receive daily tips on keeping their PC's in top condition.

The subscription service provides an easy and affordable way to access Symantec's industry-leading Anti-Virus software and maintenance utilities, get monthly virus definitions and automatically find and install updates specific to the user's system. The cost of this service is $4.95 a month.

Additional information on HealthyPC.Com services is available free by visiting the Web site at http://www.zdnet.com/zdhelp/filters/subfilter/0,7212,6002228,00.html. (NAPSI)

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