Holistic Medicine For Your Financial Health

Happiness. Freedom. Security. Success. Money.

These are five of life's most sought after and highly treasured commodities. The first and last of these, happiness and money, seem only rarely in balance with each other the world over. Some people, in fact, insist that money and happiness are two words that can't be used together, that as a pair they are self-contradictory.

"They are dead wrong," insists Henry S. Brock, financial planner and author of Your Complete Guide to Money Happiness (Legacy Publishing, $24.95). "The two are inextricably related. The way we choose to earn and manage money cannot be isolated from the rest of our life-our feelings, our thoughts, our hopes, and our purpose for living."

According to Brock, anyone, regardless of educational level or economic status, who applies these timeless principles will eliminate misunderstanding and self-defeating money behavior.

Among his recommendations:

Unlike many financial books on the market which only discuss strategies and tactics, Your Complete Guide to Money Happiness first lays a foundation of principles against which, Brock believes, any strategy may be measured. Those who have already read the book report that Brock's holistic approach incorporates the psychological, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of human existence, as well as the intellectual, practical and logical. As a benchmark, these principles are then applied to over 300 financial strategies and tactics for the 1990s.

Brock, who heads one of America's largest fee-based financial consulting firms, The American Financial Resource Center, has been named one of the nation's top financial planners. His book is available at bookstores everywhere. (NAPSI)

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