The Language Of Global Success

To achieve global success, America's businesses are learning to think in other languages.

Few businesses are equipped with native-born speakers in all of the cultures they would like to market, so increasingly they are hiring experts to produce translations that are culturally savvy.

One popular polylingual company is International Contact, Inc., which offers production and adaptation of print, audio and video materials into more than 50 languages. Videos are produced simultaneously in several languages, replacing on-camera talent with native foreign language speakers and re-creating computer graphic sequences specifically for the foreign language market.

Part of what made the company's business grow threefold in 1995, was a general rush to produce CD-ROMs and web pages, resulting in an increased need for translations.

From the interactive demo for Windows 95 in 13 languages (from Korean to Swedish) to a Fujitsu Web page in Japanese through French and German translations of Broderbund's Math Workshop software, they are translating an increasing number of laser discs, CD-Roms, Web pages and interactive software.

For more information, call 510-836-1180 or use their E-mail at 76376.1170@Compuserve or IContact1@AOL.(NAPSI)

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