Remote Possibilities Are Good On The Road

man telecommuting from hotel room If you've ever raced out of your office and discovered you've forgotten that crucial document in your computer, you're not alone. Lot's of people have. Happily, now, instead of running back to retrieve the material, a mobile professional can access a file from any location thanks to new software.

The remote control software allows a telecommuter/mobile professional who left an important document in his or her office PC to access it from their home PC through a modem or the Internet. Aptly called Carbon Copy™32, it allows users to remotely access files and applications on PCs running any Windows or DOS operating system. This affords those working on the road the luxury of working as if they were in their own office.

Carbon Copy 32 supports connections to many PCs simultaneously through different communication methods such as a modem line, LAN or Internet connection. The software can be used for collaborative purposes such as screen/document sharing in which both users view and make changes to the document. Another useful application is for teaching and training purposes. For example, the instructor can show one or many students how to use an application software such as Microsoft Word. As the trainer interacts with the application software, students can see the document as though they were next to the instructor.

"For road warriors who have hand-held PCs, Microcom, now offers Pocket Carbon Copy™ software. It allows mobile employees to use their hand held PCs to remotely access information and applications residing on their office or home PC," said Jeff Coveney, senior product marketing manager for Microcom. "With the introduction of Carbon Copy 32 and Pocket Carbon Copy, Microcom is providing the most comprehensive solutions for remote access and remote control available today."

Microcom, a subsidiary of Compaq, a leading PC manufacturer, is a worldwide leader in providing remote network access solutions to customers. For a free 30-day trial copy of Carbon Copy 32, visit their web site at (NAPSI)

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