Get The Credit You Deserve

man uses credit card to expand business Small businesses deserve some credit. Getting any business off the ground and keeping track of records and transactions can be no easy task.

Credit cards can be a way to help finance small businesses and maintain detailed expense reports. Card owners can also get cash with most credit cards.

Telephone calling cards can be helpful to small business owners on the go.

One company has introduced a new MasterCard card that acts as a credit, cash and phone card.

This way, a business owner can have the flexibility of making telephone calls from anywhere as well as purchasing supplies and other expenses -- all with one card.

AT&T; recently introduced the AT&T; Universal Business Card designed for small businesses. Owners pay no annual fee. The card also offers protection against damage or theft of new purchases and a liability program for owners' protection against employee misuse.

"We are delivering a new option for small business owners-an account free of annual fees, with world-class service 24 hours a day, seven days a week," according to Richard Srednicki, president and chief executive officer for AT&T; Universal Card Services.

Alan Heuer, U.S. Region President, MasterCard International agreed.

"With a single card, customers can make purchases at more than 14 million MasterCard locations worldwide, make calling card calls at hundreds of millions of phones around the world and get cash at more than 450,000 ATMs and financial institutions," he said.

For more information about the card, call 1-800-68-APPLY. Online, see (NAPSI)

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