Technology Giving Small Businesses A Big Hand

Business has come to rely on technology so often these days that when a small collectible Barbie doll business gets a supportive hug and a big hand from the newest technology, few businessmen are surprised.

This success story from the files of MicroBiz, a software company ranked as one of the top 100 fastest growing private companies in America, is typical.

Sandi Holder began her collective Barbie business in the garage of her home in Union City California, in 1989. Specializing in vintage Barbie dolls, clothing and accessories along with new Collectible Barbie Dolls, Sandi Holder's Doll Attic has grown into a six-figure business with two full-time employees. Sandi now runs her business out of a house across the street, which serves as her office and warehouse for her large inventory of clothing and Barbie dolls.

To expand her business, Sandi saw the Internet as an effective, inexpensive way to reach new customers. Sandi created a Web site ( using the Internet Assistant for Word, which allowed her to save her Word 95 documents as HTML, the language of the World Wide Web.

Sandi is also able to quickly change the information on her site because she is able to keep track of her inventory as well as up to date announcements from her suppliers on items she has just acquired on her MicroBiz software.

Sandi's Web site and other online activities have allowed her to expand internationally. "I'm receiving inquiries and orders from people around the world. Due to my exposure on the Internet and the effective use of technology to respond to the customer requests it generates, I have increased my gross revenues by over 60 percent.

An informative brochure about how MicroBiz helps small businesses is available free by calling 800-637-8268. It's also possible to go on the company's Web site at (NAPSI)

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