Facts Underscore the Positive Role Small Business Plays in Society

Man driving through highway cone obstacles Here's big news about an often under-appreciated segment of society: the small business owner. One week has been set aside each year to honor small-business owners for the role they play in millions of lives and all they contribute to the American way of life. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), however, believes its members deserve more.

To give small business owners more recognition, the NFIB has launched the "Small Business Works for America" campaign to help people have a fuller appreciation for just how -- and how much -- small business contributes to the American way of life and the quality of life in every community. These facts underscore the positive role small business plays in society:

Small businesses must surmount major obstacles just to stay in business. The impact of federal and state government on small- business prospects is a constant worry, for example. Unnecessary government mandates, high taxes, and unreasonable regulations can choke off small business growth and cost jobs.

In 1997, NFIB is putting great effort into repealing the federal "death tax" that frequently forces the sale or closing of a family business when the owner dies. NFIB is also deeply involved in tax simplification and reform, eliminating lawsuit abuse and pushing for a balanced federal budget.

Small-business owners and their supporters can call 1-800-NFIB-NOW for more information. (NAPSI)

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