Prepare For A Job In The Microchip Industry

PHOTO of micro-chip factory Here's the big news: the microchip industry has jobs. Lots of them. To fill the need, many community colleges and technical schools are offering programs in Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT), electronics or related technical disciplines.

The semiconductor industry estimates it will need about 40,000 more trained employees to fill new jobs over the next five years. How can you prepare for these opportunities?

You might be able to find an entry-level position in the semiconductor industry with a high school diploma. But what the industry values even more is skilled people -- particularly those prepared with an associate's degree or certificate from a community college or technical school.

Community colleges and technical schools offer great benefits for adults considering a career change, as well as for recent high school graduates: close location, modest tuition charges, small classes, flexible schedules and the training for good jobs with great pay and benefits.

Technical positions require training that emphasizes the following: chemistry, communications and teamwork, electronics, factory equipment, manufacturing processes, math and physics. Most community colleges offer tutoring and study groups to help students succeed.

Skilled operator positions -- the entry-level production positions in semiconductor companies -- require a minimum of a high school diploma or GED. Some may also require specialized technical training available through a certificate program.

A number of certificate and degree programs prepare individuals for work in the semiconductor industry, including: Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Microelectronics Technology, Digital Systems Technology and Electronics.

To locate a school near you that may offer two-year associate's degree and certificate programs to prepare people to work in the semiconductor industry, visit the industry's web site at or call 1-888-424-4756. Sematech is a non-profit consortium of 10 major U.S. semiconductor manufacturers. It has initiated this recruitment campaign on behalf of the industry. (NAPSI)

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