Computer-Based Training Programs: A First

Happy man playing with computer A computer-based training program on CD-ROM has been developed that enables users to easily learn new programs as well as migrate to upgraded versions of software. The complete suite of CD-ROM programs, called DiscoverWare, is a first in the computer industry.

According to Phoenix Publishing Systems, Inc., which introduced the training programs, "DiscoverWare will enable today's human resources manager to save time and money in teaching people how to use computer software." Simply put, managers will be able to teach hundreds and thousands of employees the details of a software package in the same amount of time they could teach it to a dozen employees.

The family of products includes Discover Excel 5.0, which takes the mystery out of spreadsheets, Discover Windows 95, Discover Windows 3.11, Discover Word 6.0, Discover WordPerfect 6.1, Discover PowerPoint 4.0 and Discover Access 2.0.

An informative brochure about this computer-based training package is available free by calling Phoenix Publishing at 1-800-950-5383. (NAPSI)

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