Save Your Own Skin

Mom applies lotion If you've been itching to scratch skin troubles from your list of annoyances, there may be good news for you. Local drug stores and supermarkets can provide you with a product designed to end the "itch-scratch-itch" cycle. This starts with an itch, such as from dry skin, insect bites, poison ivy or sunburn. You scratch the itch, damaging the skin and risking infection, causing more itching.

According to safety expert and toxicologist Dr. Stephen Pennisi, stopping the itch with a topical anesthetic cream, such as Lanacane Anti-itch Creme Medication with a new stronger, anti-bacterial ingredient, can break the cycle, stop the itch and allow the skin to heal, while preventing infection. He recommends a strong anesthetic such as Maximum Strength Lanacane for intense, painful, burning itch.

Check out the company's daily map and find out how bad the itching will be by visiting the Internet site at

Free Brochure

For a free brochure, write: Lanacane Itch Information Center, P.O. Box 328-LC, White Plains, NY 10602-0328. You can get a "summer" or a "winter" brochure. You can also e-mail any questions about itching to (NAPSI)

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