Cain Mutinies Against Corporate Greed, Redefines Roles Of Management, CEOs And Boards

Photo of Gordon Cain's book, Everybody Wins! A Life in Free Enterprise "Revolutionary" is not the term that immediately comes to mind in connection with Gordon Cain. He was raised during the Great Depression, served as a decorated commander in World War II and became a millionaire entrepreneur after age 70.

But revolutionary describes him best in the business world; a revolutionary with a golden touch who turned more than a hundred managers into millionaires and enriched thousands of employees while making more than $100 million himself. In addition, he did it with instruments considered by some to be tools of the devil: leveraged buyouts and junk bonds. In his hands, they became tools for the good with employee stock ownership and significant profit sharing for all.

He shares his knowledge and vision in "Everybody Wins! A Life in Free Enterprise," (Chemical Heritage Press, $24.95). Proceeds from the new book, the first in a series, "Innovation and Entrepreneurship," by the Chemical Heritage Foundation, will go towards the foundation.

Here are some of his tips towards a "healthier" corporation:

The book is available at bookstores, through the Chemical Heritage Society (215-924-2178, ext. 222) or by calling toll-free 888-224-6006. (NAPSI)

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