Brains Behind Computers: High-Tech Jobs

Many looking for a new world of opportunity are finding it in the semiconductor manufacturing, or microchip, industry. Semiconductors are the "brains" behind things used every day- from personal computers and video games to communication satellites, telephones and pagers.

Jobs in semiconductor manufacturing require training you can get from a local community college. Find out if you're the type of person who could work in the semiconductor industry. Do you have...

Many microchip manufacturers and suppliers have decided that an associate's degree from a community or technical college provides a good foundation for careers in their industry. And starting pay is excellent. Skilled technicians, for instance, have starting annual salaries of about $25,000-$30,000.

Manufacturers of semiconductors are located throughout the U.S. And the number is growing. With 35 to 40 new facilities planned, the semiconductor industry projects the need to fill 40,000 new operator and technician jobs by the year 2000.

To find out about the education you'll need to join one of these booming companies and locate a school that offers training, call 1-888-4chipjobs (1-888-424-4756) or visit the industry's Web site at (NAPSI)

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