Consultants Pioneer Ways To Serve Clients Better

Few people realize just how big a help professional consultants can be.

By turning to one of the world's leading accounting and consulting firms, such as KPMG Peat Marwick LLP, celebrating its centennial this year, you get not only the facts about your company's performance, but a road map and tools to compete in the next century.

During its first 100 years, that firm has guided its clients through the Industrial Revolution, the Electronic Revolution and now the Information Revolution. It all began when two Scottish immigrants, James Marwick and Roger Mitchell, who provided independently audited corporate financial statements incorporated their partnership in August 1897. Today, in addition to its assurance and tax services, KPMG delivers a host of services to clients in the form of information systems, outsourcing, performance improvement, and strategic planning consulting.

KPMG is a pioneering firm that was:

You can learn more about KPMG and about how a qualified accounting and consulting firm can help your company by visiting the firm's World Wide Web site at (NAPSI)

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