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While there are plenty of computer peripherals that can help a small business project a Fortune 500 image, it can be difficult to determine which fit your needs. Because Hewlett-Packard Company has built a name for quality small-business peripherals, many entrepreneurs call on HP for help. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q: I'm leaving the corporate world to start my own small business. Do I need different products for this environment? How do I find those I really need?

A: Thanks to technological advances, the reliability and quality of high-end machines can be found in small-business products. Ask yourself how you will use computers. If you require a network, purchase network-ready computers and printers. Consider your growth plans; your system should grow with you. Other small-business owners and computer publications are good sources of information, and a company's presales division or a local value-added reseller (VAR) can help configure a system for your needs.

VARs are trained and authorized to sell a company's products. They are familiar with many models and can explain why one might be better than another. VARs can be found by contacting the company or by looking in the telephone book under "Computer Sales & Service."

Q: I've heard a lot about the benefits of laser and inkjet printing. Do I need both?

A: Think of how the printers will be used. Laser printers are fast and reliable, with strong duty cycles, so they're good for high-volume printing of black-and-white documents such as memos and financial reports. Laser printers such as HP's 6P/6MP Series, feature true 600 dpi printing for sharp black text, smooth grays, and crisp, clear text and images. Inkjet printers are ideal for smaller businesses that need B&W; and low-cost color printing. Color can be used for creating presentations, brochures and banners in-house. Many people have taken advantage of lower prices to purchase both types and get the best functions of each.

Q: What is a multifunction or all-in-one device?

A: All-in-ones integrate several features such as printing, faxing, copying and scanning. Those in the HP OfficeJet series are good for small businesses desiring high-quality functionality on a limited budget. They also conserve space.

Q: Although I hear a lot about smaller, more affordable scanners, I'm not sure how I can use one.

A: Scanners can be used to avoid retyping documents, to store receipts or business materials and to incorporate images into brochures and even web sites. HP ScanJet scanners come with user-friendly software that makes image manipulation fast and easy.

For help selecting the best products or finding an HP-certified VAR in your area, contact HP presales at 800-752-0900 or visit HP on-line at (NAPSI)

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