Lift Your Moods with Sensory Stimulation

Photo of the sensuous bath Having a bad day? Experts say that a bath may be the perfect way to improve your mood. According to Dr. Avery Gilbert, psychologist and sensory consultant for the Vaseline Intensive Care line of Moisturizing Bath products, "Because the bath engages almost all of the senses, including visual, olfactory, tactile, thermal and auditory cues, it can be a powerful way to influence moods."

Here's how Dr. Gilbert explains it, "Adding different sensory inputs to the bath, like silky, fragrant bubbles, ocean sounds, or flickering candlelight can actually trigger mood-enhancing emotional responses. By keying into a specific mood-the desire to feel romantic, pampered or awakened-it is possible to enhance that state of mind."

A recent survey conducted by Vaseline Research indicates that many people recognize, perhaps subconsciously, the connection between the senses and moods. When women were asked what they do to put themselves in a better mood, 40 percent responded "listen to music," a strong auditory cue. Sixteen percent said they "take a bath," an experience for all the senses. To help get the most out of a "mood bath," Vaseline research and Dr. Gilbert have created a road map of sensory cues and Vaseline Intensive Care Moisturizing Bath products that can be used to create a bath that will suit any mood:


To soothe when stressed, the peaceful bath should be taken in silence. Draw warm water, close to body temperature, to calm and relax. The mood can be enhanced by the visual appeal of soft, peach-colored bulbs or warm candlelight. Add a scent that is warm and familiar. Fruit-based scents, such as Peaceful Orchard Foaming Creme Bath, with melon, peach and raspberry notes, are known to be calming.


For dry or rough skin, draw a warm bath-hot water can strip skin of natural oils-and add a moisturizing bath oil. One to try: Vaseline Intensive Care Moisturizing Bath and Body Oil which moisturizes and conditions skin. Use an exfoliating bath mitt to scrub away dry skin cells and reveal soft, smooth skin.


To increase circulation after a physical workout, try a cool bath that is a few degrees below body temperature. Fresh herbal scents help to cool and calm tired muscles. Botanical Garden Foaming Creme Bath contains cooling essences of ivy, grass and lemon. Finish off with a heated towel to restore warmth.


For physical or emotional exhaustion, adding lemon slices to tepid water will help revitalize the body. A crisp, effervescent scent can help improve energy levels. Look for scents with hints of citrus, lavender or jasmine such as Gentle Breeze Moisturizing Bath Beads. Heighten the mood with sounds of the ocean to create the experience of cool breezes.


A warm bath strewn with rose petals helps set the mood for a special evening. Play a classical CD, recline on a bath pillow and bathe in soft candlelight. Add a romantic fragrance that features hints of rose, jasmine and gardenia for a pampered and feminine feeling. One to try: Soft Petal Moisturizing Bath Beads. (NAPSI)

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