When Less Is Best

Bottle of half-sized aspirin 'splaining why Less is Best! Less is best is a well known phrase for those trying to prevent a heart attack. Less fat, sugar and sodium, and, of course, less smoking. What you may not know is that less may also be best when taking aspirin to prevent a second heart attack.

Many people have heard that an aspirin a day can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. However, recent research has revealed that a low dosage, less than half of a regular aspirin, may be as effective with fewer side effects. In fact, studies suggest low strength aspirin is preferred to full strength aspirin for prevention of second heart attacks because the full strength aspirin may actually hinder the body's natural ability to break down clots in the bloodstream. In addition, full strength aspirin can lead to gastrointestinal and bleeding side effects. Low strength aspirin, on the other hand, can actually prevent clot formation in the first place.

There are aspirin tablets, such as Halfprin, available in specific low dosage amounts for those wishing to undertake an aspirin regimen. Your doctor can determine what dosage is correct for your needs. For more information on aspirin therapy, you can call the makers of Halfprin at 1-800-824-4894.(NAPSI)

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