Protecting Yourself At The Gym

More and more people these days are headed to their local gym for a daily workout routine. Fitness, it seems, is no longer just a craze but more of a way of life.

With such a large number of people crowding into health clubs and spas across the country, the chance for spreading germs and picking them up increases dramatically. After all, germs have an easier time breeding in warm, moist climates, such as locker rooms, communal shower stalls, whirlpools, steam rooms and swimming pools, than most other places. Germs also have an easy time living in sweaty clothes, which can cause a number of skin infections.

Lever 2000 has created an antibacterial body wash which moisturizes the skin and helps eliminate germs and bacteria gym goers can pick up from exercise equipment and shower stalls. Plus, it helps keep them from coming back for up to eight hours.

The next time you head to the gym, remember that on your climb to the top on the stairmaster, you are bound to come across some germs along the way. So, pack an antibacterial body wash in your gym bag for a post-workout cleansing.(NAPSI)

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