New Way To Learn Languages

For many, the best way to learn a language is to speak it with the natives. Fortunately you no longer have to go to a foreign country and feel uncomfortable not speaking the language, before you have a chance to chat with a native.

To use the latest language software, you don't even have to have your passport stamped. You can learn a language -- complete with practice conversations -- within the borders of your home.

New software, such as Talk to Me, is centered around conversations with native speakers. By immersing students in the language they want to study, the program helps them feel comfortable about having conversations in it.

To rate a student's progress, the software records and analyzes the user's speech through a unique voiceprint feature. The voiceprint graphically displays tone, inflection and voice speed, so that students can audibly and visually compare their speech to that of a native speaker.

These same sentences are then used in a meaningful real-life question and answer session with the computer. Unlike textbooks the program teaches users to think in a new language, the way native speakers do.

Created by Globalink, The Translation Company, Talk to Me offers different exercises and games at the end of each lesson to reinforce lesson comprehension, vocabulary and spelling.

Many people who want or need to learn a language can't make time for intense two- to three-hour classroom sessions several times a week. The software program, available in Spanish, French, German and English, can be used whenever and wherever a student has time to study for as long as they want to study.

Already Europe's best-selling language program, Talk to Me is used in leading European schools, by corporations, business people and travelers.

Going on vacation? Talk to Me helps travelers brush up on language skills before going abroad. The software includes practical everyday conversational scenarios for travelers such as renting a vacation house, catching the bus, dining out or shopping.

You can find the software at your local software retailer or by visiting the Globalink Web site at (NAPSI)

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