Deterring Heart Attacks

Man popping an aspirin More than one million people die from cardiovascular disease each year. Here's some encouraging facts about aspirin therapy that may help save lives.

In addition to exercise, eating well, and not smoking, clinical studies indicate that a low dosage of aspirin reduces the risk of a heart attack and stroke.

The dosage is important. A low dosage of only 81 mg. (a quarter of a regular aspirin dosage) is recommended for the prevention of second heart attacks. Taking regular strength aspirin defeats the purpose as it may hinder the body's natural ability to break down clots.

The FDA is now also recommending doctors consider giving 162 mg. of aspirin (the exact formulation of Halfprin) during a suspected heart attack. According to Dr. Charles H. Hennekens, M.D., Dr. P.H., John Snow Professor of Medicine and Ambulatory Care and Prevention Harvard Medical School and Chief, Division of Preventative Medicine Brigham and Women's Hospital, "The widespread use of aspirin during acute heart attacks would avoid 5,000 premature deaths in the United States alone." A total of 10,000 lives would be saved if aspirin were more widely used for prevention of second heart attacks and at the onset of symptoms of a first heart attack, he added.

Free information about low dosage aspirin therapy is available from the makers of Halfprin, a low dosage aspirin, at 1-800-824-4894.(NAPSI)

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