Let's Talk About Infertility

Health Watch

by Diane Clapp, BSN, RN

Did you know that more than 5.3 million people in the U.S. experience infertility? Are you aware that the impact of infertility can reach much further, affecting not just the couple trying to have a baby, but also their friends, family members and co-workers?

Infertility is a disease that frequently remains hidden, and one that people often hesitate to discuss openly. It usually has few, if any, symptoms other than an inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term. Yet this hidden disease affects the lives of millions of Americans in many different ways.

Here are just some of the hidden effects of infertility.

With the right information, support and help, today there is hope and support for many couples who want to build a family. Couples should talk to experts who understand the many different ways infertility can affect someone's life.

Resolve, the national consumer organization for those who experience infertility, has prepared a new brochure called "Hidden No More: What Everyone Should Know About Infertility." For a free copy, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Resolve-NA, 1310 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144-1731.

Diane Clapp is Resolve's Medical Information Counselor, and has been a counselor for infertility patients for more than 20 years.(NAPSI)

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