Walk Your Way To Better Fitness

The U.S. Surgeon General says Americans need to exercise more. Fortunately, you don't have to take that kind of advice lying down. Walk your way to better fitness. Walking is gaining popularity with both people trying to lose weight and more hardy exercisers.

One of the attractions of walking is that the risk of injury is extremely low. Another is that you don't have to learn any new skills. You already know how to walk. Here are a few hints, however, to help you walk most effectively for your health and happiness:

National sponsors of the 1996 Walktoberfest include Equal sweetener; Sugar Free-Fat Free JELL-O Brands; Crystal Light Low Calorie Soft Drink; Sugar Free General Foods International Coffees; Sugar Free Kool-Aid; Estee; Luden's; Guilt Free Nonfat Ice Cream; Health Magazine; and People Magazine.

Walktoberfest is held each fall in communities across the country. To learn where and when the nearest Walktoberfest will be held, call 1-800-254-WALK (1-800-254-9255) or reach the American Diabetes Association on the Internet at http://www.diabetes.org.(NAPSI)

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