Taking Control Of Your Health

Woman studies instruction sheet for CholesTrak kit Many people are taking an active interest in being healthier -- by becoming better informed and taking part in their own treatment.

Diet and exercise can often help control high cholesterol, which contributes to increased risk of coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Medical technology now also enables those with high cholesterol levels to better track their condition. A new test, CholesTrak by ChemTrak, can help people who already know they have high blood cholesterol. In recent survey, 91% of CholesTrak users responded that this objective feedback motivates them to continue a healthier lifestyle.

The test is easy to perform and results are available quickly. The user pricks a finger, places a drop or two of blood in the well, and pulls the tab to begin the reaction. After 10 or 12 minutes, the test is complete.

ChemTrak, a leading medical diagnostics company, recommends people with blood cholesterol levels of more than 200 mg/dl see a doctor. Guidelines from The National Cholesterol Education Program suggest those whose levels are high (over 240 mg/dl) should be tested every three months.

The kit is widely available in stores and pharmacies.(NAPSI)

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