More Out of Your Computer in Less Time

PHOTO of CD-ROM package Getting high grades from computer users who want to get more out of their computers in less time are some new software packages that are easy to learn, inexpensive and help you avoid some of those confusing product manuals and expensive training classes.

A good example of this is Jones Digital Century, Inc.'s Everything You Wanted to Know..., an eight disc, CD-ROM training library that offers eight essential training courses for some of the most popular Windows® 95-based software applications, plus the Internet. It is available at a value-based retail price point of $29.95. This set takes users through basic functions to each program's more advanced features. Included are: Discovering the Internet, Learn How to Use Netscape Navigator™, Microsoft® Access 7.0, Microsoft® Excel 7.0, Microsoft® PowerPoint® 7.0, Microsoft® Windows® 95, Microsoft® Word 7.0, and Quicken® 5 for Windows.

The CD-ROM platform for Everything You Wanted to Know... allows users to learn about their computer software while at their computer. Competitive training products on CD-ROM retail for between $19.95 and $49.95 per disc, and focus on only one software package. The Microsoft Company participated in the development of the quality information and content contained in the training package.

Jones Digital Century, Inc. is the digital publishing arm of Jones International, Ltd. For more information about Jones Digital Century, Inc., Internet users can visit Everything You Wanted To Know... is available at most retail stores that sell CD-ROMs, including CompUSA, Best Buy and Electronics Boutique, or by calling 1-800-699-JONES. (NAPSI)

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