Cruise of a Lifetime - Watching the Whales Frolic

One of the most spectacular sights on the face of the earth is seen by those who cruise around the Hawaiian Islands, watching humpback whales frolic following their annual migration.

As they do every year, hundreds of these majestic 40-ton mammals swim the warm waters of the Islands from January through early April.

During a full day at sea, cruise ship passengers have the opportunity to witness this amazing spectacle first hand. The whales can be seen jumping nearly clear out of the water, showing off their enormous triangular tails (flukes), and making tremendous splashes. Furthermore, when passengers aren't watching the whales, they can learn a lot about how these magnificent creatures live.

"Whale watching" voyages are offered by only one cruise line-American Hawaii Cruises. Passengers aboard their S.S. Independence cruise ship can learn about the whales' breeding, feeding and migration habits. Passengers also learn from photo displays, videos and lectures.

American Hawaii Cruises offers boat excursions to the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary that bring passengers much closer to the huge whales, while remaining within the spirit and letter of current Federal Whale Protection regulations. Each tour offers a slightly different type of vessel and experience, and all have naturalists from the Pacific Whale Foundation, the University of Hawaii and other institutions aboard to narrate and enhance the expedition.

For more information on "Whale Watching" cruises, call your travel agent. For a free brochure on American Hawaii Cruises, call 1-800-474-9934.(NAPSI)

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