Know Before You Go

Do you want to have a vacation packed with fun things to do but without the hassle of planning all the details? Would you like to know before you go exactly how much you will spend? How about a vacation where you never have to tip or reach for your wallet? If the answer to these questions is yes, you may want to consider an all-inclusive vacation.

Here are some tips for deciding on and choosing an all-inclusive package:

  1. First decide if an all-inclusive travel concept is right for you. Do you like to participate in lots of activities (windsurfing, sailing, boating)? Will you take advantage of plentiful food and drink? Do you like the idea of no surprises or hassles when it comes to money?

  2. Decide which all-inclusive atmosphere is right for you-family vacation with kids, singles, or romantic (couples-only).

  3. Investigate the dining opportunities. Couples (which was the world's first couples-only all-inclusive resort), for example, offers a variety of options including continental breakfast in bed, breakfast and lunch buffets, dining at five award-winning restaurants, and 24-hour food service.

  4. Determine whether the resort's schedule meshes with yours. Are there lighted courts for night tennis? The option of going swimming at 3 AM? The opportunity to partake of an early morning scuba dive?

  5. Are there any hidden costs? Is tipping encouraged? Are there airport transfer fees or taxes?

  6. Is everything you want included at no extra charge? What about golf? A fitness center? Horseback riding? Water sports and scuba diving? Call and ask the resort how much spending money you should bring.

  7. Will you get to explore the destination? Couples resort, for example, offers many different off-site adventures, including trips to legendary Dunn's River Falls, a sunset catamaran cruise, a plantation tour and a glass-bottom boat ride.

Free Information

For more information about all-inclusive resorts, call your travel agent. Information on Couples is also available by calling 1-800-couples.(NAPSI)

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