It's Easy To Build Business Fortune On The Internet

PHOTO of Claris Home Page box The Internet is changing the way businesses spread their news. Today, a "virtual storefront" on the Internet is just as important to the success of a business as a display window on the street or a billboard advertisement.

Businesses are learning that the Internet is a dynamic, economical way to promote their special services. It sounds high-tech, but thanks to advances in easy-to-use Internet software, such as Claris Home Page, businesses can now create attractive and informative Internet home pages -- complete with colorful photos and graphics -- without mastering technical skills. And anyone with Internet access, anywhere in the world, can respond.

A Few Ways To Boost Your Business "Net" Worth With A Home Page:

For more information on Claris Home Page, contact Claris Corporation at (800) 544-8554 or You can also receive a free trial version of Claris Home Page downloadable from the Claris Corporation World Wide Web site

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