Use This Brochure to Market Your Way To Success

If you're one of the approximately 30 million U.S. small and home-based businesses -- or considering it -- your marketing materials can play a significant role in your success. Creating those materials yourself is now much easier and can actually save money -- up to 50% -- thanks to desktop publishing.

The Microsoft® Small Business Council, created to help small businesses deal with today's competitive marketplace, has released a new brochure, Smart Marketing for Small Business. Available for free, the 12-page booklet offers tips on how to design a myriad of materials -- from newsletters to flyers to business cards. Illustrated with how-to examples, the brochure suggests ways to create a great impression, stimulate new business leads, and position the benefits of your business.

You'll learn how to: create a logoless logo, apply a benefits tagline to your business card and use photos to highlight your company in a dramatic way.

Free Brochure

To obtain a copy of the brochure, ask questions, or get information about Microsoft Publisher software that helps you create traditional marketing materials and Internet Web sites, send your name and address to The Microsoft Small Business Council, 1500 Broadway, 25th Floor, New York, NY 10036 or request a copy via e-mail at

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