Fighting Frostbite With Synthetic Fibers

Don't go out into the cold this winter season without the proper clothing. Many people, especially winter sport enthusiasts, are unaware of how easy it is to get frostbite and that prevention may be as easy as what you wear.

Most people assume that cotton or wool are the best fibers to wear in cold weather. However, they both soak up and retain moisture, holding it against your skin. And, moisture against your skin in cold weather is as dangerous as skiing down Mt. Everest without poles. Also, cotton and wool may be heavy in weight to keep harsh winds out, but they don't keep heat in. So, the best clothing to wear in the winter is apparel made from synthetic fibers, such as acrylic.

Clothing made from acrylic wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you drier and warmer on the inside. Acrylic dries in 1/5 the time of cotton.

Acrylic is lightweight yet warm, so there is no need for severe layering, which can constrict body movement and hinder breathability. This is why skiers and snowboarders, especially, should wear clothing made from acrylic. Mobility is important on the slopes and, whether going downhill or taking in the view, acrylic keeps your body temperature warm.

Sweaters made from acrylic fiber are extremely soft and less bulky than those made from natural fibers. They won't irritate your skin like wool and can be repeatedly machine washed, yet retain their shape and color. Also, look for gloves made with or lined in acrylic as well as hats, scarves, earmuffs and even long underwear. These are important accessories for protecting exposed areas of the body that attract the cold first.

Most importantly, don't forget the proper sock. Your feet are the first place frostbite can set in. Acrylic socks can be found with different sport specific cushioning benefits. For example, ski socks are longer and heavier, with cushioning at the shin for warmth and added protection.

Frostbite is extremely dangerous and knowing the ways in which it can be avoided is the only prevention against it. Before you hit the slopes or take that winter weekend getaway, be sure to incorporate the proper apparel into your wardrobe-clothing made from synthetic acrylic fiber.

Acrylic apparel is available in a variety of constructions and styles from top outdoor apparel makers like Sunbuster, The North Face, Woolrich, and Tsunami. They can be found in most outdoor and ski specialty shops.(NAPSI)

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