Wagon Trains, Barge Trips, Heli-hiking: All are Adventure Travel Opportunities

Man on elephant segment of an Adventure Travel Opportunity Adventure travel opportunities are as diverse as the great outdoors and "the travel bug" has taken the nation by storm. Half of all Americans have taken an adventure trip in their lifetime, and three-quarters of these took place in the past two years, according to the Travel Industry Association of America. Whether it's for the thrill of adventure, a bad case of cabin fever, or simple curiosity, adventure travel is on the rise.

"Millions of people participate in travel activities, such as mountaineering, scuba diving, biking, cross-country skiing, hiking, wildlife viewing and camping," says Robert E. Wood, executive vice president, Discover Card marketing, Novus Services, Inc. "That's why we created the "Adventure Discovered" program-to celebrate the pioneer spirit in all of us."

"Adventure Discovered" offers the adventure of a lifetime. The program includes a grand prize trip with Boyd Matson, host of National Geographic Explorer, seen on TBS Superstation, on a 1997 National Geographic adventure filming expedition. The grand prize also includes a Jeep Grand Cherokee, two tickets on American Airlines and a Patagonia adventure wardrobe. Twenty-five other winners receive a trip for two to any American Airlines destination city.

Discover cardmembers are automatically entered in the sweepstakes when they use their card for any purchase or cash advance between November 1, 1996 and January 1, 1997. Others may enter by applying for a Discover Card by calling 1-800-DISCOVER, or by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Discover Card's Adventure DISCOVERed, Post Office Box 4022, Blair, NE 68009-4022.

For a list of things you should take on an adventure trip, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: "Discover Card's Adventure Discovered," 245 Eighth Avenue, Suite 236, NY, NY 10011. (NAPSI)

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