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How Long Do Power Recliner Motors Last

If you're in the market for a new power recliner, it's important to know how long the motor is likely to last. After all, you don't want to have to replace your chair within a few years! In this blog post, we'll take a look at how long power recliner motors tend to last and what you can do to make them last longer.

Power recliners are some of the most popular furniture items on the market today. They're perfect for relaxing after a long day or watching TV. But how long do they last? And how can you make them last longer? In general, power recliner motors tend to last around five years. However, there are things you can do to lengthen their life span. 

They can be expensive to replace, but luckily they have a long lifespan and don't need much maintenance. Here are a few tips to help keep your power recliner running like new for years to come:

  • Keep the chair clean. Dust and dirt can build up over time and cause problems with the motor. Be sure to vacuum and wipe down the chair regularly.
  • Make sure it's properly assembled. Incorrect assembly can damage the motor or other parts of the chair. If you're not confident in your ability to assemble the chair, ask a professional to do it for you.
  • Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or near heat sources. Excessive heat can damage the motor and shorten its life span.
  • Use it regularly! The more often you use your power recliner, the longer it will last. 

Follow these tips and your power recliner should last for years to come!

The motors that power them usually last for 8-10 years before needing replacement.

There are many factors that affect how long your motor will last - including if you're using it often or not, what kind of materials it's made from, and how well you take care of it.

If your chair is making noise or won't turn off, then chances are its motor is wearing out and needs replacing soon.

Motor replacements cost around $200-250 with labor included in this price range. 

Replacements can be done by any handyman who has experience with these types of repairs.

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