AAMexam is a utility program in PL/B Companion (formerly DATABUS Companion) that is used to analyze AAM indexes with the goal of helping the programmer to understand AAM and to optimize AAM applications which require improved performance. It is the first utility on the market to give the programmer the ability to measure the affects of various AAM parameters and to correlate those to performance.

The basic premise of AAM is that in order for a record to contain the desired search keys, it must contain ALL of the triplets generated by those search keys; alternately any record that does not contain all of those triplets can not possibly contain those search keys.

An AAM READ begins by converting the search keys into triplets and then into hash values. Using the AAM index, it then creates a list of all text records which contain those hash values and thus can contain the search keys. With very large indexes or with slow PCs an analysis which was saved by AAMexam can save the time of having to re-analyze the index.

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