Allergy Management Calendar Offers Year-Round Sneezeless Solutions

Each year, more than 60 million Americans sniff, wheeze and wipe away the tears caused by sinus and allergy problems. Seasons of change bring their own unique form of misery. A wide range of grass and tree pollens in the spring and summer yield to ragweed in the fall and dust mites in the winter, making Americans miserable year-round.

To help allergy sufferers, the American Lung Association and the makers of Tavist have developed the Tavist Year-Round Allergy Management calendar. The free pocket-size calendar has more than 50 useful tips to help allergy sufferers control their allergy problems year-round, both indoors and outdoors. Some of the tips include:

"Information is the most effective cure for allergies," said Dr. Linda Ford, an American Lung Association asthma and allergy specialist. "The Allergy Management Calendar is a useful tool allergy sufferers can use to enjoy everyday activities and control sinus and allergy problems."

The free calendar is available by calling (800) Tavist-D (828-4783). (NAPSI)

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