How To Avoid Bone Loss

Are you at risk for rapid bone loss and the diseases this can cause? So much serious bone disease is preventable that it's important to find out about this tendency early.

Your doctor can now determine this tendency toward rapid bone loss quite easilyÑand prevent some of the resulting complications - by using a simple new test.

Osteomark is a urine test that helps physicians identify individuals who are losing bone mass at an accelerated rate. The test, which received Food and Drug Administration clearance for marketing in the U.S. measures an individual's bone loss rate quickly, accurately and inexpensively and compares that rate to a normal range.

By identifying fast losers of bone, doctors can now prescribe and monitor appropriate therapies that control bone loss and prevent the development of serious diseases, such as osteoporosis.

"Our test will be important to millions of people losing bone mass at an accelerated rate," said Ray Cairncross, Chairman and CEO of Ostex International, which manufactures Osteomark and is marketing the test with Johnson and Johnson Clinical Diagnostics Inc.

Ostex International, Inc. is a Seattle-based company engaged in the discovery and development of diagnostics and therapeutics for diseases of the skeleton.

"Early identification of patients with elevated bone loss can result in preventative treatments before serious disease develops." said Cairncross.

Not only can the test help prevent a number of different treatable diseases, it's also useful in managing their treatment.

"The Osteomark test can significantly enhance the use of all osteoporosis therapeutics worldwide," said Cairncross, "and the test can determine whether the therapy selected by the physician is actually working."

With an advanced diagnostic tool, such as this test, there's no longer any need to suffer from the consequences of rapid bone loss. Discuss this test with your doctor before bone loss damage begins. (NAPSI)

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