Boredom Busters Save The Trip

Traveling with children in your plans? Be prepared. Even the most good-natured child can quickly get bored. Whether it's a family trip to the beach, a plane ride to Grandma's, a quick trip to the supermarket or a ride to the doctor's office, getting there in a good mood may require some kid-size diversions.

Here are some boredom busting tips:

Travel Games are easy to play, priced under $10 and are based on the fun and excitement of the original full-sized game. All compact games are designed especially for travel with handy storage compartments to keep pieces from getting lost.

One brand new game is Travel Hungry Hippos. In the travel version of a perennial favorite, wacky hippos gobble up marbles before another player nabs them all. Players use their long-necked hippo to reach out and gobble each marble as it is shot out into the tray. In this frantic race, the player whose hippo gobbles the most marbles wins.

Other Travel Games available in most game and toy stores include Parker Brothers Monopoly Jr., Travel Don't Wake Daddy and Sorry Jr., as well as Milton Bradley's Travel Hot Shot Baseball and Travel Connect Four. (NAPSI)

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