Diabetes-A Self-Monitoring Breakthrough

SureStep Monitoring Device
There is encouraging news for people with diabetes who also suffer from physical limitations. A new blood glucose monitoring system called SureStep, manufactured by LifeScan, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson Company, makes self-monitoring very easy. The system provides needed assistance to people with diabetes who have difficulty monitoring because they already suffer from conditions such as nerve, circulatory and blood vessel damage, arthritis, tremors and vision impairment, or are newly diagnosed and are inexperienced testers. The new SureStep System is expected to be a boon for the 75 percent of people with diabetes who have difficulty with blood application when monitoring their blood glucose level.

In fact, a new survey by the National Association of Retail Druggists showed that well over half of the more than 500 pharmacists surveyed ranked difficulty in getting enough blood (58 percent) and in applying blood to the test strip (59 percent), among the greatest barriers to self-monitoring.

The new system, which just received a favorable review from the Arthritis Foundation, helps overcome many of the barriers to monitoring caused by vision and dexterity problems. For example, the unique test strip actually "forgives" poor technique by providing maximum flexibility in blood application. Now, a person can easily apply blood to the absorbent test strip without fear of ruining the test or getting the system dirty.

In addition, the SureStep Test Strip is the only strip with a blue dot that confirms -- before the test -- that enough blood has been applied. This also increases an individual's confidence while reducing the need to "do it again" with a new strip and another drop of blood -- a painful and unpleasant proposition for many people who find testing difficult.

The meter's large display with bold characters makes it easy for people to see their result and take immediate action as needed. This is particularly important because 38 percent of people with diabetes are visually impaired and many others suffer from occasional blurred vision caused by uncontrolled blood glucose.

Diabetes is the fourth leading cause of death by disease and affects nearly 16 million Americans. According to a National Institutes of Health landmark study, frequent monitoring and proper blood glucose control can reduce the major complications of diabetes by 60 percent.

The SureStep System, which includes everything needed to begin testing, is now available in pharmacies. For more information call 1-800-227-8862. (NAPSI)

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