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Here's a handy resource - information from various manufacturers, distributors, non-profit organizations. These articles contain useful tips about products (new and old), special offers, and timely ideas for you and your family. Some articles introduce new uses for familiar products. Some offer free brochures, video tapes, T-shirts, or a treat at a local yogurt shop. And they are all here For Your Information.
A new test for tuberculosis, the Amplified MTD Test from Gen-Probe, hastens the diagnosis process and allows those who test positive to begin treatment faster.

For counteracting dry skin, many women use a non-greasy noncomedogenic cream such as Oil of Olay Daily UV Protectant Cream and Oil of Olay Replenishing Cream for normal, oily and sensitive skin.

Studies have shown that walnuts can lower your cholesterol and they contain fatty acids that may protect you from a stroke. In addition, this historic "food of the gods" is a great source of protein, fiber vitamins and minerals.

A new device, the BodyGuard Child Protector, positions the standard auto lap and shoulder belts to fit the proportions of a child of 40 to 90 pounds.

Homeowners can get a Well Owner Information Kit from the American Groundwater Trust for $15 check or money order from Well Owner Information Kit, AGWT, PO Box 1796, Concord, NH 03302.

A telephone answering machine with a two-line capacity, such as the Casio Phonemate's Model 9870, lets home office workers separate phone bills between business and personal use.

Local bookstores now carry The Jenny Craig Cookbook, which can also be ordered by calling 1-800-43-JENNY.

The results of a business literacy survey administered recently by the Association of Quality and Participation disclose that one out of three Fortune 1000 decision makers are unable to correctly identify what information an income statement provides.

If you enjoy making things, you're not alone. The Hobby Industry Association reports that 90 percent of all U.S. households have a family member who crafts.

Rental car companies now have simpler easy-to-understand rates. Alamo, for example, introduced All-in-One Rates that include the first tank of gas, airport fees, state and local surcharges, sales tax and collision damage waiver, ski racks and unlimited free mileage.

With Rain Tape, home gardeners can use the same watering technique used by commercial farmers to water row crops.

Critics report that understanding American politics is easier after reading More Political Babble: The Dumbest Things Politicians Ever Said (John Wiley & Sons, $16.95) by the award winning journalist, David Olive and illustrator Barry Blitt. The book is available at local bookstores or by calling 800-225-5945.

To help young students better understand environmental issues BASF Corporation developed an educational program for schools.

A growing number of doctors believe spiritual practices can help people heal better, reports Dr. Herbert Benson, director of the Mind/Body Medical Institute and associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical Institute.

According to a spokesman for Families USA Foundation, a health care consumer group, the skyrocketing rise in drug prices hurt senior citizens more because 85 percent take at least one prescription drug a year.

The LCR chlamydia test, developed by Abbott Laboratories is so sensitive, it can detect just one to five molecules, such as bacteria or viruses, in a patient sample.

Where do small businesses find money when they need it? A new database of alternative financing sources, such as DataMerge, may be the answer.

To help prospective brides and grooms plan wisely, Miss Manners has written a book Miss Manners on (Painfully Proper) Weddings (Crown Publishers, $14).

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