More Americans Taking Their Families To Camp

For fun and adventure, camp can be the ideal vacation. Recently, it's become a place more Americans are taking their families to. A good example of this is the popularity of Camp Jeep®, near Vail, Colorado in the heart of the Rockies. The camp, exclusively for Jeep owners, includes activities such as off-highway driving instruction and 4x4 trail rides for all levels of experience.

Camp Jeep, which runs in August, is also loaded with things for families to do such as photo scavenger hunts, mountain biking, fly fishing and even a mini Jeep 101 course with battery-powered kid-size Jeep vehicles. Camp Jeep also has a pop/rock concert starring nationally known entertainment.

1995's inaugural Camp Jeep attracted thousands of Jeep owners from 40 states who took advantage of the spectacular natural setting to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Many made it the center point of their summer vacation.

Information about registration for the next Camp Jeep 1996 is available by calling 1-800-789-JEEP. (NAPSI)

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