Family Travel Check List:
Are Your Smallest Passengers Safe?

Summer brings increased auto travel for many American families. New research and information concerning child passenger safety can help reduce injuries and save lives on roads and highways.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and Allstate Insurance Company have joined forces to create All Kids Safe a new public education campaign. Consider these life-saving recommendations:

Is your child positioned correctly?
Infants should ride facing the back of the car until they are at least 20 pounds and one-year-old.

Does your car have a passenger-side air bag?
Infants in rear-facing car seats should NEVER be placed in the front seats of cars with passenger-side air bags.

Whenever possible, children of all ages should ride in the back seat of vehicles.

Is your child big enough for a booster seat?
Children who weigh approximately 40 pounds and have outgrown convertible seats should use a booster seat.

Ask your local Allstate agent for a free Family Shopping Guide to Car Seats. The guide contains valuable information on car seat models and safety. Ask your pediatrician for more information about this important safety topic. (NAPSI)

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