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Here's a handy resource - the latest trends in products from cosmetics to sunglasses, factory outlets to this season's colors, from wardrobe additions to anti-aging strategies. Most are timely and they all are here For Your Information.

Beauty May Be In The Eye Of The Winner
The Fashion Buzzzzzzz for Spring '97
Exotic Accents: Jet-Setting Your Way Through Spring Fashion
This Spring's Fiber Presents a Softer Look
Well, Yeeehaw! How To Dress Western
Your 1997 Warm Weather Wardrobe Has Comfort and Feminity
How To Look Great In This Spring's Fashions
Effortless Holiday Dressing -- Tips For Versatile Holiday Style
Oscar de la Renta - A Living Legend
African History...As Told Through Fashion
Dressing For Success - Fabric, Color and Silhouette
Winning Hair Color Looks For Spring And Summer
Factory Outlet Centers Evolve To Meet Consumer Needs
Save Your Shoes And Boots The S.M.A.R.T. Way

Beauty Tips

Listen To The "Rhythm" Of Your Skin
Look Your Best In Just Minutes A Day
Rain Or Shine, Your Hair's Looking Fine
Lipstick - Cooler Colors Lasting Longer
Easy Fixes After Fifty
Hair Care Facts And Fallacies
Body Sculpting For Baby Boomers
Fighting Facial Aging With Facts
Finding The Fountain Of Youth
How much do you know about hair removal treatments?
Test Your Hair Care IQ
Summer Time Tips For Beauty


Cultured Pearls Go Hollywood
High-Tech Sunglasses, Cool New Trend
Accessories Are Key To Staying In Style
A Career Wardrobe Must-Have
Stylish New Sunglasses Are More Than Meets The Eye

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