Foxes and Hounds - The True Adventures of Frankie & TJ Fox

Pic of the Hounds

Almost two years ago, Frankie and T.J. Fox tossed their two dogs, Hilda and Logan, into a 1984 BlueBird RV and escaped the humdrum Gulf Coast corporate and suburban life for a high adventure singing Willie Nelson's anthem two or three times a week.

Frankie's journal installments are one of the periodicals that I drop everything except my cup of coffee to read as soon as they arrive. They always seem to get here when I need a getaway. Thirty minutes later I feel as if I've just returned from fighting swarms of mosquitos in Minnesota, the amazing human herd mentality in wide-open spaces, or a white-knuckle drive down a mountainside two-laner surrounded by glaciers. And I can't wait to meet our new neighbors at the next campground.

When I suggested these treasures be uploaded to the web, Frankie said, "Sure. Just drop any personal stuff, OK?" Well, did she mean "...drop anything libelous"? Her brutally frank restaurant ratings are one of my favorite parts and they're staying. And she says nothing mean about any of the cast of characters. So I've dropped their snail mail address and details about holiday family get-togethers.

Here are the installments currently scanned and uploaded (chronological order really isn't important):

Colorado and Wyoming in the Spring/Summer of 1995
Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin in the Summer of 1995
Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Washington State - June through July, 1996
Washington state - July through September, 1996

Drop a line to the Foxes and Hounds here and we'll forward it.

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