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These articles contain useful tips about products (new and old), special offers, and timely information about your household. Some introduce new uses for familiar products. Some offer free brochures. Most are timely and they are all For Your Information.


New Survey Shows Spring Cleaning In Full Bloom Year-Round
Keep The Spring-Clean Feeling All Season
The Evolution Of The Spa
Paint A Cleaner Environment
Keeping White As White As Can Be
Commonly Asked Bathroom And Shower Questions
One of the most monotonous, repetitive, time-consuming kitchen tasks
How to Sail Through Blue Monday
Clever Ways To Clean
How To Remove "Back-To-School" Stains
Science's Surprising Discoveries - The Aftermath Of An Accident
A Cleaner, Healthier Bathroom
Three Helpful Household Cleaning Tips
More Than Just Carpet Cleaners
Cosmetic Stains: Clean Advice From The Experts
Speed Up Your Laundry Chores


The House Of The Future Has Roots In The Past
The Legend of Floating Floors
The Beauty of Laminate Flooring
Make your Great Room Look Great
Get the Most Out of your Smoothtop Cooking Surface
Define Your Personal Style With The Latest Looks In Wallpaper Fashion
Tricks for making a small room seem twice as large
Sunrooms Expand Living Area To The Outdoors
Flowerful Homes: Where People Love to Be
Decorating with Dr. Ruth... Yes, THAT Dr. Ruth
This Christmas, Light Your Tree The Easy Way
Creating A Festive Atmosphere At Home
Making Holiday Guests Feel At Home
Setting The Perfect Mood at Home
Use Flowers To Set The Mood
Lighten Up! Tips On Redecorating Your Home
Warm-Edge Tech Gives Homeowners An Edge
Unfinished Furniture: A Versatile Option
All washed up? Not the fate of many antiques
Furniture That Provides Plop-Down Comfort
Hand-Held Light Control, Convenience For Young Or Old
Want a new look for your home?


Does Your Refrigerator Have A Fever?
Here's How to Sharpen a Knife

Repairs and Yard Care

The Future Is Here And It's Mowing A Lawn Near You.
When It Comes To Hedge Care
It Often Starts with a Gurgle that Won't Stop Until You Jiggle the Handle
A Skylight For All Seasons
You Don't Have To Lose Your Cool To Stay Comfortable At Home
Solar Provides Total Home Power With Building-Integrated Cells
Conserve Your Own Energy When Weatherproofing Your Home
Avoiding Roofing Nightmares
HOME REPAIR TIPS Easy Ways to Seal Your Home
How To Make Your Gas Grill
Cement Your Home's Appeal
Home Grown Tomatoes & Kids Gardening
First-Time Home Buyers Cut Costs With "Reel" Lawn Tool
Homeowners' Wail: So Many Tasks -- So Little Time!
An Attractive, Healthy Lawn Is More Than Just Pleasing To The Eye
This May Floor You: Decks Are Now Carefree!
Tips On Tackling A Troublesome Toilet
An Electrical Lifesaver
A Primer On Copper Plumbing
No Leaks In New Faucet Warranty
1996 Lawn & Garden Fungus Forecast
Yard And Garden Safety Tips


Need More Space? Think Outdoor Storage
Flood Tips For Areas At Risk
Many Enjoy Home Improvement -- The Real Thing
Air Circulators...The Cure For Homes With Sluggish Circulation
Batteries Lead The Pack In America's Junk Drawer
Try To Keep Decking Wood Dry; Here's How
Check Heat At Your Door This Summer
Buying Energy-Efficient Windows And Doors
Extending The Life Of Your Carpet
Safety-Tested Glass Block for Security
How's Your Homemaking Ingenuity?
The Dish On Satellite TV For The Holidays
Choosing The Perfect Wood Floor To Fit Your Needs
THE GIFT EVERYONE WANTS -- A Small Dish Satellite TV
A Glance at the History of Medicine Cabinets

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