What's Going On With HoustonWomen.com? - 2714 Bytes
If you haven't yet perused the offerings at the HoustonWomen.com website (http://www.houstonwomen.com), you may want to take a break and check them out. Although the site is still under development, it already has a lot to offer. Created both to entertain and provide valuable resources for the women of Houston and their families, it currently includes directories of subscribing businesses, pages of links to organizations, maps, encyclopedias, medical resources, travel tips, and more. The Fun and Free Page contains everything from horoscopes to "weird on-line games," and the Announcements Page allows surfers to post birthday messages, birth announcements, garage sale notices... the list goes on.

Development of a HoustonWomen.com Consumer Program is underway. A panel of experts from various walks of life is being formed to answer consumer questions, and live chats with these experts will be scheduled to address specific topics in real time. Discussions with local merchants and service providers are underway to negotiate for those businesses participating in the program.

Future plans include the sponsorship of classes and workshops for women on topics ranging from Starting Your Own Business to Making Beaded Jewelry. Many of these classes are being developed specifically for Houston Woman.Com, however all classes announced on the Seminars Page are reviewed and approved by HoustonWoman.Com to insure the highest quality and the best possible price.

In short, this is a site designed specifically for the women of Houston and their thoughts and suggestions are not only welcome but encouraged. If you are interested in participating on the Consumer Program Panel, or have suggestions for classes or site content, please contact HoustonWomen.Com at info@houstonwomen.com.

Reprinted from THE HEIGHTS PAGES January - February - March 2000 issue