ISIcheck is a utility program in PL/B Companion (formerly DATABUS Companion) that verifies accuracy of ISAM indexes and assists SUNDB86x programmers in testing and debugging PL/B programs. It is not designed to test Sunbelt Computer Systems's ISAM package, although it can report some internal ISAM errors.

ISIcheck will:

  • Check all deleted entries to make sure they point to deleted TXT "records".
  • Check all keys in the ISI against the text data.
  • Check each primary record for one and only one key in the ISI file.
  • Check for pointers that point outside the TXT file.
  • Check for pointers to partially deleted TXT records.
  • Log all results to a printer or a log file
  • Can be used to observe each ISI key in the file as well as to report errors.
  • Detect errors that might otherwise lie dormant until ??????

    It is particularly useful in checking mulitple indexes and those involving complex keys consisting of many segments. As a tool for remote support, it allows programmers to verify accuracy or corruption of ISAM indexes at another site. Reindexing everything might "fix" a problem temporarily but what about next time? It can be included in BAT files for regularly scheduled verification of each ISI file and can log all its results to a log file. If an error is discovered, an ERROR LEVEL is set to allow decisions within batch processing.

    ISIcheck does not use any ISAM routines. It uses information in the ISI file to access the text file directly and is therefore functional only on Sunbelt's v7+ ISAM package.

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